How to Use Social Media to Find your Customer

how to use social media to find your customersBarbecue is an unlikely candidate for social media success. Barbecue sauce is pretty tasty, but how interesting can you really make it? The folks at Stubbs barbecue set out to answer that question, proving that social media is a fantastic sales and branding tool for business. They announce their presence at local barbecues (they have a team that travels to competitions across the country to advertise their sauce) and they tweet recipe ideas for potential customers to try. The account is polite, often thanking customers quietly or just retweeting their compliments outright. That humble attitude and careful attention to outreach has lifted a relatively unknown brand to new heights. Read more…


How you can use social media to drive your hotel marketing

social media hotel marketingIf the fact that so many businesses now include social media in their marketing strategies is not enough to convince you of how indispensible social media is to hotel marketing, here’s  news for you — the hospitality industry stands to benefit even more from social media exposure than most other industries.

The ubiquity of social media in our daily lives is now undeniable. As people share their lives online, they broadcast the places they’ve been, the products they’ve consumed and the services Read more…


How to Create Killer Guest Posts that People Actually Want to Read

How to Create Killer Guest Posts that People Actually Want to ReadIf you’ve been blogging for more than around a nanosecond, it’s likely that you’ll be fully aware of the benefits that guest posting can contribute to the success of your own blog. There’s a certain guest posting etiquette that should be followed if you want a better chance of your submissions being accepted, but let’s imagine for a minute that you’ve got all your ducks in a neat row and you’re ready to write. What are the steps that go into creating a first class blog post?


Read more…


What is the Google Sandbox Effect and how you can protect your website

google sandbox, its effects and how to solve themGoogle Sandbox, while sounding playful, is not something to take lightly. Google has never confirmed its existence, but at the same time never denied it exists. While all this sounds very dramatic, let’s relax and see what exactly  the Google Sandbox is and what we can do to help our site rank higher.

What is Google Sandbox?

When we release a new website and gather some links pointing towards it, we would expect that the rank for its keywords will improve. But Google does the exact opposite. After the site goes “live”, for the next two weeks, you will see some improvement for your ranks of your keywords and will be able to see where you stand against your competition. After that “grace period” passes, your rankings will Read more…


How Real-time Communication Gives Your Customers Convenience

realtime communication convenienceComing to the term of real-time communications (RTC), what comes into your mind first? Mobile, Instant Messaging, VoIP or chatting software? Real-time communication refers to any mode of telecommunications in which users can exchange information instantly.

Nowadays, different kinds of real-time communication tools help bring people closer. For example, IM sends your greetings to your friends in different localities, and telephones bring mothers’ care to sons from miles away. Then what about customers and online businesses? How can customers get the same customer service experience that they can have in a physical store? Read more…


How to use Social Media for Business

using social media for businessHaving an online business includes just about every and any business or niche possible. With the hundreds of ways to promote, advertise and sell your products, services and website, it can be confusing as to which methods are worth our time and investments.
Here’s a small guide on which social network you can use and invest your time in according to what kind of business and online presence you’re maintaining. This is, of course, a complement to your already existing websites and blogs. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you Read more…


How to Make Sure the Next Blog Guest Post You Submit Gets Accepted

get your guest post accepted guideGuest posting is one of those kill X birds with one stone methods. With guest posting you can:

  • Position yourself as an authority in your niche, since the most popular blogs in it will have featured an article of yours.
  • Gain more visits to your website instantly.
  • Capitalize on the social media power of another person.
  • Get a powerful backlink from an important blog in your niche.
  • Get more followers on social media (depending on your niche and article).


Even if you look at it from a link building perspective only, guest blogging is the most powerful (and free) way to increase the value of your web property for search engines.

You can easily start raising your search engine ranking position for your main keyword even after writing your first guest post, so don’t waste any more time, start writing for other sites straight away! Read more…


How to Increase the Alexa Rank of Your Website

how to increase your site's alexa rank.When you’re trying to evaluate how your website or blog is doing, there are several ways to put it in numbers, and actually count the success – or failure – of your online presence. I bet the first thing you think of, of course, is traffic! Page hits! That’s what everyone thinks of, actually. But anyone that has been in online business for a while will know that it’s not just huge amounts of traffic that makes a successful webpage. This is where metrics like the Alexa Traffic Rank come in.

As the website states, the Alexa Traffic Rank is calculated after collecting aggregated data from Alexa Toolbar users over the period of three months. The metric combines the amount of page views and user traffic. Traffic and page views are calculated per day, and then calculated from the average of these two numbers after time. The lower the number of your rank, the better… unless you go to 0, which is actually pretty awful :P Read more…


Should I invest time on Pinterest? Is this going to last?

Should i invest time on pinterest? Is this going to last?If you’re active in social media, and read tech blogs, you’ve already heard about Pinterest. In fact you can’t miss it, even if you wanted to! On one of our sites that heavily focuses on images, Pinterest is the number 1 referrer. bypassing Facebook by 40% (Disclaimer: We haven’t started promoting the site to StumbleUpon yet)!

For those of you who don’t know about Pinterest, it’s the marriage of Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr all together. It’s a site that lets you create “pins” of all the things you like and categorize them into folders so you and others can easily find them. When someone logs in, they’ll be able to see what pins the people they follow have made and be able to re-pin them in their own folders, like them or write a comment. It’s 90% consumer-oriented. Read more…


The top 12 Internet Marketing Myths you should avoid

the top 12 myths about internet marketingYou’ve read all about it. Working in Internet Marketing and having an online business so you can make money from home is the most promising thing you read about on the Web these days. There’s so much information on how to make it big out there, but what should you believe? What’s genuine, and what’s a scam? What is everyone saying, and how much of it is true? We’ve picked out the greatest myths about Internet Marketing that you’ll come across and analyzed them here.

And, the list goes to twelve.

1 – Having an online business is easy.

It’s strange how everyone thinks that Internet Marketing is the easiest thing around to do: it’s just like saying that winning in offline business is just as easy.

Of course, there’s a heavy dose of luck involved (just like in everything we do!) but it’s mostly hard work and precise strategic thinking that helps you get to the top.

Read more…

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