How do Internet Affiliate Marketing Programs work?

How do internet affiliate marketing programs work?Whoever is thinking and doing research about making money online has no doubt come across the idea of affiliate and vendor programs. But, what are they, how do they work, what’s the difference between them and any other online income, and what can they do for you? Read on to clear things up about affiliate programs and their uses, tips and tricks.

What are affiliates and vendors?
A “vendor” is the manufacturer, creator or distributor of a product that will pay you, the affiliate, a commission when you redirect a potential buyer to the vendor’s products and make a sale. It doesn’t have to be a tangible product; it can be virtual, like an e-book or a service. All ranges, markets and niches have vendors who are looking for affiliates. Read more…


On being an ethical affiliate marketer

Are you an ethical affiliate marketer?

I saw a great ad for a WordPress plugin that would fit perfectly into my strategy and it’s features were 100% what I needed for my posts. It would really help me rank for my posts’ keywords much easier than before. We all need tools to help us do things more effectively don’t we?

To buy a product for my work I am asking my self the following questions:

  • Will it save me time? Yes that plugin is really going to help with that.
  • Is the price-tag relatively low? Yep 40-60 USD is a good price for that plugin.
  • Is it easy to use even for anyone whom I outsource work to? Yeap, this plugin is a no-brainer!
  • Are there many people endorsing it? Yep 39 + Marketers explicitly stated that they endorse the plugin. Seeing names that are very popular in the Internet Marketing sphere I was sure this was a very good plugin!
  • Will it make my business even a bit better? Check!

So I added the time I am wasting researching, Read more…


On Earning Passive Income

repetitive incomeOne of the most important shifts that Internet Marketing has offered to my mentality, is the Passive Income (sometimes called Repetitive Income) way of thinking.

Being a professional for many years, I always thought that:

$500 now is much much better than $20 every month. I couldn’t be more wrong!

What I have learned with internet marketing is that passive income is one of the best ways to build wealth and at the same time be able to handle costs effectively.

Most of the expenses a company or an individual has are repetitive. From house bills, electricity, water, cellphone to web hosting, domains, advertising etc. are repetitive. Read more…

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