How to set the default Featured Image and Description when sharing your posts on Facebook

facebook default thumbnail for wordpressWhen sharing a link on Facebook, its service tries to parse the linked page and extract as much information as possible from it. Facebook tries to extract the title, a short description and an image from the linked page. While this information may be extracted by the standard meta-information means of the page like page title and meta-description, the author may recommend the default values to the users sharing the link.


For the Facebook service to extract the relevant meta-information recommended by the author, it uses another meta-information protocol, named Open Graph Protocol (OG). One may view this protocol as just another meta-information protocol for web pages. While the new version of Open Graph Protocol, which changes everything, is still in beta, there will be backwards compatibility with the current version. Read more…


Selecting Multiple Categories Add-on for Gravity Forms

gravity forms logoWe recently bought the Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress. We started out with the Personal package ($39) because we needed it for an in-house project, but within two days we updated to the Developer Edition ($199). It’s an amazing plugin for WordPress that will make your life much, much easier when it comes to forms. What this plugin does is that it transforms the tedious process of creating forms in WordPress into a breeze! With the plugin you can build Multi-page forms, Schedule forms, Pricing and Post fields. Read more…


How to make your WordPress Featured Image appear in your RSS Feed

add the featured image inside your rss feed in wordpressAfter experiencing social media and how web sharing works, I understood that images are very important for the promotion of blog posts. Having been using WordPress for quite some time, I’ve seen that Featured Images are a great way to make an image appear differently on the main page and inside the post page and by using thumbnails you can have both worlds; beautiful and small thumbnails on the main page and a full image inside the post.

One problem that this has created though, is that WordPress by default does not show the Featured Post image inside your blog’s RSS feed. By adding Read more…


Solve the FeedBurner API Zero Subscriber Problem with Caching

feedburner api errorFeedburner returns zero subscribers? This can’t be true!

Well, you ‘re right, this isn’t true; probably due to high load, the FeedBurner web service returning the current RSS circulation (subscribers) response is zero. This seems to happen every day for 4-5 hours.

I decided to deal with this while solving the caching problem at the same time; the idea is simple: cache the FeedBurner circulation response if it is not 0, and always show the cached result. Read more…


TimThumb Vulnerability in a Nutshell

The TimThumb image resizing utility has been found vulnerable by allowing the remote execution of arbitrary code. TimThumb is widely used by many WordPress themes, both commercial and free, and this vulnerability is expected to have a great impact, since the script name returns 84 million results on Google searches alone.

TimThumb was created by Ben Gillbanks, who, after discovering the vulnerability – and after Matt Mullenweg (WordPress founder) suggested it – joined forces with Mark Maunder (WordThumb author). They created TimThumb 2, a complete rewrite of the original code, having security in mind, whilst adding the extra features WordThumb already had. It is now highly advisable to upgrade to the newer version. Authors claim that, although a rewrite, it is fully backwards compatible. Read more…


WordPress (r)Evolution

wordpress logoBeing a heavy WordPress user for quite some time (since version 1,5) I can say that the WordPress platform has really matured over the years. At first, all I wanted from it was to be able to easily write text and then upload it to my website. And it worked great!

Fast forward a few years and WordPress has evolved into a really amazing CMS and stands strong against it’s competition. Many people still consider it a blogging-only platform and they’re not entirely wrong. WordPress out of the box has limited functionality. Read more…


Amazing social sharing wordpress plugin – Sharedaddy

I’m always searching for new social sharing plugins for WordPress but it seems that I am not able to find what I’m looking for. Maybe I am too picky when it comes to sharing in social media. I don’t want to make the viewer distracted and at the same time I want my message to be spread with the most efficient way.

That’s where Sharedaddy comes into play. The guys at Automatic created this plugin that will hopefully replace all other social sharing plugins on our blogs. In the beginning it was ported to blogs but now it came out as a standalone plugin for self hosted blogs too.

sharedaddy - Social Bookmarking wordpress Plugin

By default it lets people share posts to StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, and also Read more…

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