Pay much less on your AWeber Subscription with three easy steps.

aweberWhen it comes to building a list, success doesn’t mean just a fixed amount of subscribers; you want the subscribers you have to open your emails and use your recommendations to better their business. If you have been gathering emails with Aweber for some time, you should have already went up in pricing tiers by now. That would be amazing if all the subscribers were responsive and active, but almost 100% that’s not the case.

There’s a great percentage of users who have never confirmed subscription, have never opened one of your emails for quite some time, or even unsubscribed from the list. All these people count towards your totals and might be a huge percentage of your list, just taking up space and increasing your costs.

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Create your own online survey with WordPress and Gravity Forms

create an online survey using wordpress and gravity formsIn the previous post we saw how fast and easy we can create a free online survey with Google Docs for our market research purposes. However, there’s one thing I didn’t tell you. Even the paid ways to create surveys lack one big important thing: the ability to automatically register the people who finish the survey to a newsletter management service. Many support the manual import of email addresses, but I am not sure that the deliverability of those services is reliable; since if you can import emails manually, what’s stopping you from adding emails that you don’t have permission to send a mail to in the first place? So I’m sticking with Aweber for the third year now and I am very pleased with it.

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