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wordpress logoBeing a heavy WordPress user for quite some time (since version 1,5) I can say that the WordPress platform has really matured over the years. At first, all I wanted from it was to be able to easily write text and then upload it to my website. And it worked great!

Fast forward a few years and WordPress has evolved into a really amazing CMS and stands strong against it’s competition. Many people still consider it a blogging-only platform and they’re not entirely wrong. WordPress out of the box has limited functionality.

However, there are four things that helped WordPress really stand out:

It’s Easy – Editing WordPress is a breeze. Creating categories and content, managing comments and generally everything is easy. I don’t mind something more sophisticated, but when it comes to clients, I prefer wordpress as a platform. This is because everyone can adopt it easily and become independent once they’ve learned it.

Plugins – Since it’s creation, Automattic has tried to create a community around WordPress, aiding developers in the creation of plugins. There are currently over 13,000 free plugins available for everyone. And that’s a huge accomplishment! If you have a need for your site, 99% of the time there’s already someone else who’s had the same issue and uploaded the solution as a plugin.

Themes – In the beginning, WordPress’s plugins were very simple and straight forward. When companies came out and offered a premium option for themes, everyone embraced the fact that $50 could buy you a very good template that offered much more than a simple theme. And nowadays wordpress themes have become so sophisticated, that they can even support a portal. For example, TranceSound uses WordPress. Some years ago we wouldn’t be able to even imagine such an evolution.

It’s optimized – WordPress is very friendly when it comes to search engines. This helps everyday people without technical knowledge have a good starting point when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. At the same time, by adding a caching plugin to a wordpress installation, it can become a very optimized platform, helping site owners have many visitors at their websites without overloading the server.

I am really happy that I invested time in this platform and I can’t wait to see what else wordpress will be able to achieve.

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    • Thank you Lakshmi for your comment :)
      Wordpress is just the platform. It’s so flexible that you can add anything you want on it. Many formats require a plugin but it’s very easy to add your videos on wordpress whether they’re posted on youtube or hosted on your website itself.
      If you need any clarification please do contact using the contact form :)

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