Gathering links by buying Dropped Domains

gathering links buy re-buying dropped domains

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Instead of buying websites or banners from other websites, you can use another method that may require more effort, but also requires less money.

Using dropped domains to get more links to your website(s)

There are thousands of domains expiring everyday (if not more) and there are many opportunities for web masters to re-register them and redirect their traffic to their site.

Almost every site on the internet, no matter how small or big it is, has a certain amount of links pointing to it and visitors visiting it. When the domain drops because the owner can’t devote enough time to it or can’t promote it sufficiently, chances are the owner will let it expire. This is where we come in! We can re-register the domain name and easily redirect all the traffic using a 301 Redirect.

I use a great service to find what domains expire every day, the Hot Name List. It’s a great service and helps a lot by providing categorized expired domains by niche. There are many more services out there and soon we’ll cover each one individually.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as simple as it seems. All good domains that are on the verge of expiration have a good amount of links and traffic. They are being monitored by thousands of people just waiting for it to drop, so the new owners can either add it to their domain roster or register it and then resell it. So, it will be a hard process. Try to visit sites that feature expiring domain names and see how it works for you.

One very good method that is less passive than re-registering dropped domains is to Find Dead Links. When you are surfing the web and reading an article about your niche, most of the time you will see links pointing to other sites for further reading. When you spot that a link returns a 404 error (Page Not Found) then you can contact the author of the article and inform him of the error stating that you have a similar service and you would like him to review it. Notice that this can only work when the services you offer or the articles are very close to the subject, the author is analyzing.

People can buy these old domains by getting financial support through long term loans no guarantor scheme. Try not to spend much time with those two methods, they are good methods to get links but don’t over-do it, just search for domains once every month and dead links while you browse the web.


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