Path to Choose

I’ve been trying to find a way to choose how this blog will evolve.

There are two approaches.

which path to chooseThe first one would be to write articles about advanced users and create a “strong” appearance on the Internet Marketing industry. While this might be a good way to “kickstart” the blog and create a lot of “hype” I think that it would be much better if I could:

Start from scratch

Lay everything down from the beginning and guide the readers from step and day one. I am sure many friends will be disappointed, but the value that a “newbie” in Internet Marketing will get is more than I could hope for this blog.

Getting someone who has never heard of internet Marketing before and guide through through every step seems much more fulfilling to me. So if you’re reading this post and haven’t got a clue what Internet Marketing is and how people make a lot of money with their websites, just add the site to your RSS list or your bookmarks and start exploring this amazing field.

That’s it for now, good luck on this beginning to both of us! :)


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