Having a website is not a Hobby!

Having a website is not a hobby!

I got the idea for this post by observing my twitter feed and from watching my friend Vassilis online at 5:30 am.. I am a huge twitter fan, because I can easily see what people that I am interested in, are reading, creating and promoting. Therefore, the second I decided to take Moneytized seriously, I erased all the people that:

  • Had nothing useful to say
  • Reported their nature calls
  • Spammed like crazy every affiliate offer they could get their hands on.
  • And so on and so forth…

So I narrowed it down to about 300 people. Every time I saw someone tweeting something pointless, I deleted them. So I was left with the people that either had something interesting to say, or hadn’t said much at all, so I couldn’t really know what they were about. Now with the twitter application on my iPad, it’ s even easier. I can easily view every single tweet from my stream because it remembers where I stopped reading last time. It’s also funny to amaze (and hopefully not scare) some people when I keep responding to their Mac tweets (this one’s for your Aspa ;)).

Back to our subject though, I often see some new avatars on my twitter stream. These are the people who haven’t sent a single tweet for a long time, then all of a sudden they become “active” again and guess what they do. They post 10 tweets, one after another and 90% of the time they’re promoting a product. Then they go back to silence once more.

It’s normal for people to become frustrated with Internet Marketing.

And I feel sorry for them and sorry for my niche “professionals” that have cultivated people like that to have ZERO patience. Internet Marketeers, we have bombarded people with “get rich by pressing a button” offers and way of thinking; making most of the newcomers so frustrated when they don’t make a sale in their first week, that they give up! After a month or so, they might see “the next big thing” in push-button riches, they become pumped up, remember they have a website and send 10 tweets at a time all over again.

This is the exact reason that I am doing the exact opposite than most of the marketers out there. When I am teaching about Internet Marketing, I always mention how hard it can be, especially you have so many of these installment loans installment loans for bad credit in finance type of websites! How easy it is to become demotivated, how patience is your only asset for quite some time and that you will have to push, push, push if you ever want to do something with your website.

Having a business blog (and not just a place where you just rant and have it as your personal journal) and making money from it, is not an easy thing to do. Especially in the beginning.

It needs patience, consistency and the proper methodology.

If you have lost your patience, take a small break, read a motivational book, take some days off and come back with more appetite for “destruction”.

If you are finding it hard to be consistent and you can’t catch up with your site’s needs, stop posting for a week. In that time gather a good amount of posts ready for publishing and continue with your normal posting plan. If you get writer’s block or have a busy schedule, you won’t have to worry as you’ll have your next posts ready.

If you lack the methodology, well no one was ever born knowing every technical detail. To become an internet marketeer is an easy thing to do only if you keep pushing and always learn new things everyday. Of course, you shouldn’t stop creating new things while doing your research and study. Don’t stop everything and go into a learning frenzy, incorporate reading into your everyday routine! Balance is of huge importance.

I hope I helped, even a little bit,


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