Promoting our website: Off-page Optimization

off-page optimizationAfter setting up our web site and ensuring that everything can be Crawled, we must make sure our users can navigate it efficiently. Which can only mean it’s time to move to the Off-Page Factors that will help our site rank better. Having a new site and ensuring that all On-Page factors are optimal, doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see an increase of visitors and an improvement of ranking positions. Even though search engines can crawl our site, in a competitive market that alone is not enough. A site has to have links from other relevant websites. This is so it can gain “value”. For promoting the website you need a little bit of budget so, you don’t need to worry about the budget you can always get guaranteed loan acceptance.

But not all links are to be treated equally.

The accumulated  value our domain receives from links we are given, depends on these basic things:

  • The “power” of the page giving us the link
  • The Anchor text of the link
  • The page’s relativity to our page

links from other websitesTo make a long story short, let’s assume that our domain has gathered some links from other websites. A website giving us a link from a page with a PageRank of Four, is much more valuable than a link from a page with a PageRank of Two. Simplified, a PageRank Four link is eight times more valuable than a Three. That applies to all values.

So what we are basically trying to do is get as many authoritative links as possible.

Rest assure, we’ll be analyzing many more ways to get links in posts to come. We’ll also be seeing how we can make our posts go “viral”, so stay tuned!

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