How to strengthen your link building strategy using Infographics

howto gather links promoting infographicsInfographics are an amazing way to “consume” information. It’s the formation of information and the presentation that make infographics so powerful. With just one image, you can learn LOTS of things about anything, making utilizing infographics an ideal way to enter a market and get to know it better. I got hooked on infographics after viewing the noob guide to online marketing and finding my self spending more than an hour looking at a picture. Infographics not only provide great value to a visitor, but if you are an infographics creator, you can use them to really strengthen your link building strategy.

Creating a great infographic is very hard because you need to be an expert in three things: data gatheringmaking sense of data and last but not least, design. You really need to find a subject that interests a lot of people, that at the same time is close to your niche. Also, after intelligently gathering a lot of information and compiling the infographic, they must actually make sense and give value to people viewing them. If you’re passionate about your niche, I’m sure you can come up with amazing ideas. When it comes to design, though, you only have two options: either design it yourself, or outsource it. While outsourcing the design is usually the best solution, you need to make sure that you can find a person who has experience in infographic creation and will be able to create something great. If on the other hand you want to get your hands dirty, I would suggest to go to graphicriver and check out the packs that freelancers have created and are yours for the taking. By buying 2-3 designs, you can easily create an infographic that is exactly what you need. It will be time consuming, but you won’t have to spend money on design.

After creating your infographic, you should originally post it on your own blog so you have a source as “original” to point to, when you submit it to other domains. You can point to your main page but we’ve found out that pointing directly to the post page works much better in the long run.

One more tip is to pay attention to the height of the infographic. You should spread your content and make your image tall, not wide, in order for the image to appear as good as possible no matter what the screen or resolution of the viewer is.


Where to submit your infographics

When it comes to submitting your infographic to other sites, you have many options. Do submit it to as many as you can and make sure that you enter all information correctly in order for it to get accepted. Remember that the more sites accept your infographic, the more the links to your domain you will create. If your infographic is truly amazing, it will not only give you great value for the search engines, but at the same time, it will bring you a lot of quality traffic.

If the infographic creation and submission is done right, you will see amazing results for your website! Let’s see to which websites we can submit our infographic to, in order to gain the most out of it. (List is sorted by Alexa rank. It’s not the best metric to sort a list like that, but it’s a good indication. Since you should submit your infographic to all of the sites below, it’s just a priority number; nothing more.)

Click on the upload button on top of the page.

daily infographic

cool infographics

infographics archive

infographic journal

the infographics showcase

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love infographics

news i like

infographics only


chart porn

Click on the about page and send an email to Dustin with your InfoGraphic.

infographics king

infographic post

infographic site


pure infographics

nerdgraph infographics

best infographics

amazing infographics

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omg infographics

infographic love

infographic hub

infographics online

infographics inspiration

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video infographic

money infographics

best infographics


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brandless blog

infographic gallery

daily statistic

infographics maze

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media caffeine

info graphic

style and flow


visual archive

infographix directory

rad infographics

much most

i heart infographics


infographic submissions

These are the most important sites to submit your infographic to. If you want to take it one step further, you can also submit your infographic to Tumblr websites. While not all of them get good traffic, it is a good way to get some more mentions, and the Tumblr platform is great for viral infographics.

Next comes the social bookmarking / social network submission of your infographic.

When it comes to social networking, you should treat an infographic like a regular post. Share the infographic page on your blog on all the social networks that you are active and also bookmark the page to the most important social bookmarking sites. As a honorable mention, we should mention that Reddit has a specific sub-reddit just for infographics, located here:

Walking the extra mile.

To increase the power of the infographic page, you should gather as many links as you can. The most popular link building strategies can be applied here but two are  the ones that play a very important role:

Embed Code: You can create an embed code under the infographic, so that every webmaster that really likes it can copy the code and paste it to their own site. For example, look at the embed code under this post on NerdGraph. This will help you very very much if the post goes viral. Many people will see it and some of them would love to include it on their own site. By copying the code they will be able to display the infographic but at the same time you will get a link back to your domain, and that will help you tremendously.

Press Release: Press releases are an amazing way to spread the news about a service or a product. If your infographic is newsworthy, current, and many people search for it, it can be a great strategy to create a press release about it. Many people will see the press release and if it’s worthy of a mention, many bloggers and portals will include it on their site. For our good press releases we use PrWeb. To run a press release for an infographic is usually overkill, but if after submission you see that it spreads like wildfire, you should create one to help it spread even more.

There are many methods that you can utilize in order to promote an infographic and the best part is, that no matter how many you use, you can always use more. In the end though it comes to a point where making a new infographic is much more worth it than promoting the same one day and night. Share your infographic promotion experience with us and thank you for reading this post :)


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  • Great article! I had not thought of how important an infographic would be. I have no idea where to start but I am now motivated to get one made for our company.
    Thank you.

  • Hi, Its a great list. I’d like to add they publish lot of infographics. Also if your infographics is related to tech/social media you can also try they are also great for exposure. is my favorite.

    Also, only accept paid submission these days .

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  • Great list, Angel. Thanks for putting it together. I personally have used a few of these to submit my own infographics, but I will check out the other ones I haven’t used before.

    Infographics are such a great way to display information about so many subjects. It is amazing how interesting a picture with stats and info about a random topic can be that would not catch my attention on any other day. When used correctly, infographics are a powerful tool. Thanks again for the list!

    • True! When meaningful numbers are combined with interesting graphics, it becomes amazing! Thank you for the comment :)

  • Thanks for a very comprehensive article about infographics. I always recommend to my clients that they use an infographic to explain a complicated financial topic since the left brain is analytical and the right brain is creative. Using an infographic is a win win.

  • WOw, great, your post cover almost all sources where people can come to submit their infographic. It is no doubt to say that infographics distribution is extremely significant and that’s exactly what people have to think about after making an infographic. Well, You all can see a list of over 100 infographics galleries here: In addition, if you’re busy or bored of repeating to submit your infographics to tens of galleries, you can try using their service that help submit yours to about 25 galleries.
    Good luck and thanks for your post.

    • Most probably yes :)
      Especially if your niche is a general one that gets a lot of people interested.
      Thank you for the comment :)

  • Admiring the dedication you put into your website and in depth information you offer.
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  • I think infographics are a fantastic way to get people interested. This is a great guide to promoting them and I will be implementing some of these tips for sure.

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