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I’m always searching for new social sharing plugins for WordPress but it seems that I am not able to find what I’m looking for. Maybe I am too picky when it comes to sharing in social media. I don’t want to make the viewer distracted and at the same time I want my message to be spread with the most efficient way.

That’s where Sharedaddy comes into play. The guys at Automatic created this plugin that will hopefully replace all other social sharing plugins on our blogs. In the beginning it was ported to wordpress.com blogs but now it came out as a standalone plugin for self hosted blogs too.

sharedaddy - Social Bookmarking wordpress Plugin

By default it lets people share posts to StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, and also by email and print. You can easily add more services though manually. I found this plugin while searching for one that will use the new twitter code and facebook share functions and I came up to it. Configuration is very very easy and what I love the most about it is that when you view the post, it displays the number of times this item has been shared and/or viewed.

It’s light and easy to implement plus it will help you spread your ideas, much easier.

Tweaking Sharedaddy:

One thing I couldn’t find in the options was to be able to use the Facebook’s share button and at the same time view how many people liked it. My options were only share without viewing any number and like without being able to share (sharing after all is my main objective). Maybe they’ll add it in the next version but I wanted it now :P

If you want to display the share button like this: facebok share with number of likesand not like this: facebook share buttonthen all you have to do is to:

go to sharing-sources.php inside the pligin folder, find line 600 or where it says:

return ‘<div><a name=”fb_share” rel==”nofollow” type=”button” share_url=”‘ Etc Etc

and change it to:

return ‘<div><a name=”fb_share” rel==”nofollow” type=”button_count” share_url=”‘ Etc Etc
And you’re done :)

Ps. One more thing i have found is that with minify on, the Digg button fails to load and needs some changes in the minify plugin but i’m sure this will be fixed in the versions to come.

Ps2. If you update the version of Sharedaddy, know that the change we just made to the code will most probably get lost so, bookmark this page or copy-paste the change to a notepad in case you’ll need it again in the future.

I’ve tried most of the social bookmarking plugins out there but i think that Sharedaddy is here to stay if they pay enough attention to it.

What’s your favourite social sharing plugin?

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  • This plugins is the only sharing plugin available for wordpress.com and this is a great and very useful move :) I personally use AddThis ony my blog and I find it very great.

    • Hey Tilen, thank you for commenting :)
      There are more plugins for sharing with wordpress. There’s Sexy bookmarks, Sociable, the sharedaddy i mentioned above and many more. But those are the best.

      While AddThis was one of the first, it’s nowadays not that good for sharing because it needs more clicks from the visitor in order to share.

      If you check them out and need to incorporate one in your blog but need help, shoot me a mail with the contact form and i can help you with it.

    • OFC! You can specify exactly where it should appear ;)
      Thank you for the comment,

  • ShareDaddy has really come a long way to be sure. It’s a heck of a lot better now and I’m using it again after leaving for a while. I like how it’s connected to the Jetpack Plugin and saves adding “another plugin”

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