Start living your dream before it faints

start living your dream before it faintsInternet marketing is getting huge attention and many people every day start learning more and more about it.

The reasoning behind it is very simple and at the same time very powerful.

By living the internet marketing “lifestyle” you are able to:

  1. Work wherever you want
  2. Work the exact time you want
  3. Work for as long as you want
  4. Work with whoever you want

That four points are my mantra and I will always try live by those rules as far as my career is concerned.

Don’t get me wrong, i am not “dreaming” of doing nothing and getting paid. You might think that that’s the case if you combine all the four elements together but:

Working wherever you want is really straight forward. It’s a dream of mine to be able to work from my hometown, or while visiting a friend in another city or while on vacations.

With exact time I mean that there will be no barriers on the time I have to work. Traditional businesses have an 8 to 5 schedule but with internet marketing you are able to “bend” this. Basically it’s all about ignoring the clock.

When saying for as long, I don’t mean that my dream working hours are two per day but that I am able to choose if I will work a lot today and less tomorrow. It gives me a choice to say: Today I’ll go out and have fun but tomorrow it’s all about work. It’s a matter of flexibility again.

Finally by saying with whoever I want I mean that I am able to choose my partners. With traditional businesses you get some partners or co-workers and you’re stuck with them. If you can’t fully cooperate or make good decisions, well that’s life. But it shouldn’t be that way. Being an internet marketeer you are able to choose the right person for the right project and you’re not “tied” to people. Having the best partner for each project is the most crucial part in a project or company’s success.

People get so “pumped up” because of the above points(and many other of course)that they do whatever they can to follow that dream, including leaving their jobs.

So far so good but the number of posts whining about the fact that someone can’t make money with Internet marketing, won’t get fewer. I remember reading a forum where someone said “hey I made my first 10 dollars from the internet” and after a jackass saying something like “so what” another guy said “good start mate, you’re ahead of the other 99% of Internet marketers.

So what’s the problem? Is it hard? No!
Does it need patience? Yes but people have enough. The problem that they get tired easily for one simple reason. They Change their whole mindset, they quit their jobs etc but they don’t start living as Internet marketers.

I am not talking about eating in expensive restaurants or doing silly expenses just to visualize how their life will transform when they succeed. All I’m talking about is to start doing simple things they’ll do when they succeed. One great example is writing this article from the train going back home after taking a small vacation. It feels great to write something on the train because you can still see the view, you feel that you’re not loosing another 6 hours of your life and the best thing is that I make one of the above points true. I work from wherever I want. And it feels freaking great!

Making your self remember why you started learning about Internet marketing in the first place and why you should keep pursuing your dream is not enough. Never leave your dreams faint , get 100 loan approval.

You have to start living your dream with all the ways you can.

That’s what will give you patience and keep you ON track.

I hope that this post will help you fulfill your goals with the right attitude.

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  • It is nice working for yourself and deciding what day is going to be a fun day and what one is going to be for working. My problem is too many projects so I usually don’t get too many chances to go to the beach.

    • Thanks for the comment Bruce!
      It’s hard to keep a good balance and have all four elements at the same time. Though what makes it perfect is that no matter what, you always can achieve more than one at the same time. :)
      Good luck to your endeavors!

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